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ABOUT MElanin Glow

My name is Cortney Patterson and I launched Melanin Glow in April of 2019 after recognizing a gap in affordable business assistance available to minority entrepreneurs. Coaching is my greatest strength because I enjoy motivating others to reach their goals. Helping minority women like myself achieve success in their online businesses is a no brainer for me. I have operated in business consultant roles within Atlanta for more than 6 years. I have aided in the success of many organizational projects and programs by developing solid foundations and establishing business processes aligned with a common mission. Now, I'm ready to help you create your own successful online business.


To inspire female minority entrepreneurs to develop online businesses that are marketable, legitimate, and resilient.

WHO?  Melanin Glow (MG) provides customized business consultation with women of color entrepreneurs in mind.

WHAT? Melanin Glow provides entrepreneurs with consulting and coaching services that increase business knowledge and create marketable, legitimate, and resilient online limited liability companies (L.L.C.).  Our services assist with idea generation, business registration, business planning, web design, and launch while shaping brand awareness. Melanin Glow connects clients to resources and materials that facilitate small business financial management. We also assist clients with obtaining legal support and protections based on their business needs. 

      Clients that seek the DIY method of launching their online startups can access our online courses via

Melanin Glow University.

(Coming Soon 2021)

WHY? Women of color are the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States. Upon further research, a large number of female minority entrepreneurs, specifically black women, expressed a lack of mentorship/consultation available for their specific demographic. Melanin Glow is here to fill that need. Our services are specifically designed with women of color in mind.


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Business Coach: Cortney Patterson


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